Monday, July 27, 2009

Click to Lose weight

When you finally get five minutes to yourself, updating your Facebook status is way more tempting than looking up calorie counts, right? The good news is that tech-loving moms everywhere can log on and slim down at the same time -- for free! Check out our favorite apps and websites that make dropping pounds easier than ever.

If you're an iPhone lover
How it works: This app calculates how many calories you're taking in and burning off daily. Every time you eat something -- from a carrot to a mocha -- enter the name of the food and the portion size to see how much of your daily calorie budget's left.

If you're a web-surfing whiz
How it works: Snag some 'net inspiration from the 50 Million Pound Challenge hosted by Ian Smith, M.D. (don't worry -- that's how much he wants the whole country to lose!). Joining gets you a 30-day meal plan, complete with shopping lists, healthy snack ideas, and even videos of the hot doc himself.

If you're an online chatterbox
How it works: Biking champ and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong created this site to inspire people to achieve healthy goals -- from weight loss to quitting smoking. You'll find exercise videos and a supportive community who cheers you on as you tackle challenges like "Do 100 pushups by 2010" or "Eat fewer carbs."

If you're a Facebook fanatic
How it works: While you're catching up with your junior-prom date and playing Scramble, you can also track your fitness goals by adding a cute ticker to your home page. Upload a design to your Facebook page; plug in your workout regimen or weight-loss goals, and update it anytime for an instant reminder of how far you've come.

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