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Coffee maketh thee...what are you?

Coffee used to be maligned as stress-inducing and spiking blood pressure. However, recent studies have hailed coffee as a good source of anti-oxidants. It boosts mood, memory, and focus; for most regular coffee drinkers there is no hike in blood pressure. Some researchers claim that coffee drinkers are less likely to get gallstones, Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes and colon cancer.Coffee is a social thing and can mellow you out by generating positivism- a great de-stressor.

You don’t need to read tea leaves to figure out who you are. There are coffee personalities; many of us don’t know who we are or what we want out of life. The coffee we like can provide a much-needed clue. The body doesn’t lie while the mind can rationalize anything.

According to Alan Hirsch, MD the Director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, “Today the type of coffee someone prefers really makes a social statement. With so many choices, it’s like we now have a coffee Rorschach test to gain insight into an individual’s personality.”

  • Black coffee - This is for the ambitious, focused and goal-driven person who needs to get the job done.
  • Cappuccino - This is for the aesthetic, witty and classy drinker.
  • Steamed Latte – This is for the nurturer and often drunk by moms....
  • Espresso – This is for the ultimate coffee drinker using a special cup conveying sophisticated power. Drinking espresso is a sensory experience and often follows a special meal.
  • Iced coffee- This is for the laid back, spontaneous and flirty person.
  • Frappachino – This is for an ice-cream lover who pretends to drink coffee - adventurous, flouts authority and is ready to enjoy.
Let us decode your date with the kind of coffee they order.

If Your Date Orders a Black Coffee…
These basic cup o’ joe types tend to be responsible, ambitious, and aggressive. Fiercely independent, these individuals require you to work at coaxing out their romantic side in a relationship.

Most compatible with: Chai tea latte drinkers

If Your Date Orders a Café au Lait…
Café au lait drinkers are veeery laid back. These tradition-seekers also find comfort in typical male/female dating roles (i.e., the man gets the check and opens the door).

Most compatible with: Mocha-flavored coffee drinkers

If Your Date Orders a Mocha-Flavored Coffee…
Mocha-flavored coffee drinkers are universal romantics who love to be in love. Keep in mind, though, that they can be moody and aren’t the most reliable bunch. Still, they can more than make up for it with their wonderful lovey-dovey gestures.

Most compatible with: Everyone!

If Your Date Orders an Iced Mocha…
These spontaneous, seductive flirts make very captivating dates. But if a long-term relationship is what you seek, keep in mind that their idea of “future” is probably five minutes from now.

Most compatible with: Other iced mocha drinkers

If Your Date Orders a Chai Tea Latte…
Often stressed and anxious, chai tea latte drinkers tend to be shy in relationships. So know that the first move might have to be yours for the making.

Most compatible with: Black coffee drinkers.

If Your Date Orders a Coffee-Based Frappuccino…
Loaded with ambition, these energetic optimists give their all to everything—including dating. The only downside: They’re often guilty of over-committing themselves, and appreciate a level-headed partner who’ll remind them when to put on the brakes.

Most compatible with: Café au lait drinkers

If Your Date Orders a Tea/Fruit-Based Frappuccino…
These non-coffee Frappuccino drinkers are more often followers than leaders. Relationship-wise, this translates to an incredibly supportive partner who approaches life, love and work in a serious and thoughtful way.

Most compatible with: Iced mocha drinkers

Kimberly Dawn Neumann is a New York City-based writer and a grande skim 6-pump extra-hot chai latte drinker who doesn’t think she’s stressed out… just over-caffeinated.

Don't forget one things. Love beats it all.

We take coffee with cream...What about you?

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