Sunday, July 5, 2009

Diet Downfall - Reasons?

Many of us are concerned about our weight, especially after pregnancy. We try hard, sweat ourselves out but still haven't lost more than a meager pound. We came across an article and found the following making sense. Probably we are making a few mistakes. Let get them in check and become chick.

1. You follow the plan that worked for a friend.

2. You eat a small breakfast. Aim for a breakfast of 50 calories.

3. You're clueless to calorie counting. Every bite and swallow counts.

4. You skip meals.

5. You load up on superfoods. Even do good foods add calories if consumed too much.

6. You are canceling out the effects of working out. An hour long run doesn't entitle you to an extra slice of pizza.

7. You watch what you eat from only Monday to Friday.

8. You don't plan for stress.

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