Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fashion Tips I

  • Take a good look at your favourite clothes-we all have our favourites and we know we look good in them! We save them for special occasions. Make notes on how they fit you. You can shop for similar styles.
  • Then check the fitting-it is the most important aspect of every piece of clothing you have. Most of the times, if the outfit you are wearing doesn't look good, it's because it doesn't fit well, despite the perfect colour and fabric.

  • Dark tones create the impression of a long line. They give your outfit a sleek look.

  • If you have a soft spot for jackets, wear them at flattering lengths.

  • Short jackets should fall at mid hip. Long jackets reach the length your fingers do, when you stand upright.

  • For a slim effect, choose trousers without pockets. Pants that stretch slightly, add to your comfort.

  • To enhance a slight butt, wear a full top over narrow pants. That will give you a nicely rounded look.

  • Is your waist too short? Try camouflaging it by wearing a long top with a short skirt.

  • Are you long waisted? Try wearing a short top and long bottoms. That'll suit you!

  • A bright coloured shirt will draw away attention from narrow chests, just as wearing clinging tops will accentuate it.

  • Do you want to look dramatically slimmer? Wear only one colour from top to toe -you'll look much thinner!

  • Light prints on dark backgrounds also help you look slimmer.

  • Mix and match! Don't look for exact matches. Subtle deviations look
  • very inspired.

  • Tall people can carry off large prints. If you lack inches, stick to the smaller prints.

  • Do you yearn for a swan like neck? Try wearing a slim v-neck.

  • Ensure your panty lines don't show. No matter how well your clothes fit or how exclusive your underclothes may be, visible pantylines show a lack of class and do not create a good impression.

  • Bright colours draw attention. Make sure you only wear them on your flattering body parts. Unless you have a flat stomach, don't wear a bright colour across your tummy.

  • Stilettos are back and in spite of not being the most comfortable of shoes - they give your legs a terrific look!

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