Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hairloss remedy

Are we talking about hair loss today? Then lets talk Bhringaraj oil. Btw this is our 50th post and we are grateful for your continued support.

What is Bhringaraj oil?

In Ayurveda, 'Bhringa' means hair and so bhringaraj oil is one, that treats the problems of hair loss. Bhringaraj is an ayurvedic medicine that is prepared from Kayyonni or false daisy plant, that has the botanical name Eclipta alba. Sesame oil base is also used to prepare bhringaraj oil.

Bhringaraj Oil benefits
The most important benefit of Bhringaraj is, that it helps in the prevention of hair loss. In case, the hair has lost its color prematurely, it will regain its original color after few months of treatment. It is to be noted that every individual has three different types of 'doshas'. For instance, Vatha (mix of air and space), Pitta (fire and water combination) and Kapha (water with some parts of Earth). These three doshas form the basis of Ayurveda and once you know the elements (air, water, space etc) that suits you, you will be able to get the required medications. Bhringaraj oil for hair growth is the best option for people having problem of baldness at a very young age. Some other bhringaraj oil benefits are, that it is an excellent oil for massaging the scalp and head. It relieves the mind from stress and facilitates better sleep. Bhringaraj is also used with coconut oil, sesame oil, herbs such as amla and shikakai as hair conditioners. Read more on hair care and hair care products.

Bhringaraj Herb Benefits
Besides bhringaraj oil benefits, bhringaraj herbs also have various benefits. In today's urban lifestyle, where eating habits of people have changed drastically, problems of liver are very common. Liver and kidney are the two prime organs responsible for elimination of wastes and purification of blood. Under functioning of either of these organs has adverse effects on other parts of the body. The digestive power (or what we call 'agni') of the digestive system is restored by bhringaraj oil and so, it facilitates digestion. Smoking, alcohol, betel leaves chewing, excess of tea-coffee, increase the pressure on liver and it tends to slow down in its functioning and secretion of bile juice, however, bhringaraj oil causes ample secretion of bile juice and thus, helps the liver in its functioning. In order to improve the tone of liver, spleen, stomach, fresh juices of bhringaraj leaves can be taken on an empty stomach for a few weeks.

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