Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some more tea?

Everywhere there is a talk about green tea and many people want to know the health benefits of green tea. Green tea comes from the leaf of camellia sinensis plant. The youngest two leaves and bud plucked from the plant, are used for preparing green tea. China is the first country to know the merits of green tea and started using it. Now, in India, green tea is very popular. Why green tea is special? It contains epigallo catechin gallate which serves as an antioxidant and prevents the growth of cancer cells. Not only cancer, it protects us from many other diseases and gives us energy in day to day life.

How to prepare green tea?
To get full benefits of green tea, it should be processed properly. The leaves are to be steamed briefly, to prevent oxidization of epigallo catechin gallate. After steaming, the leaves are to be taken out and the liquid in slight green color is green tea. The sliced ginger, honey and lemon can be added and hot green tea can be served. The green tea may be made as a cool drink by allowing it to cool and adding fruit juice and ice. The green tea should be taken regularly and some fruits rich in lycopene, such as watermelon, papaya, tomato and guava are to be included in our food daily, to protect our health. The green tea gives us the energy to perform physical exercises
Benefitsof green tea:
It is believed that green tea prevents many diseases like cancer, high cholesterol and heart diseases. Green tea helps for skin care and dental care. The green tea burns more calories and thus helps for weight reduction. The green tea which is rich in polyphenols helps to fight against heart diseases. It lowers the risk of death due to heart problems. After meals if we take green tea, the fat is converted into triglyceride, which helps to keep away from heart disease. The catechin prevents blood clotting also.

Women can save themselves from breast cancer and ovarian cancer by drinking green tea. To keep healthy habits we can drink at least 3 cups of green tea daily. Those who had heart attack already,can make it a practice of drinking green tea to safeguard their health. The green tea ensures speedy recovery of organs from damage. The blood pressure is controlled by drinking green tea. The epigallo catechin gallate in green tea performs anti cancer actions. As the cancer cells divide and spread, green tea makes the cancer cells to self-destruct. The risk of getting stones in gallbladder and gallbladder cancer is reduced. The green tea fights against lung cancer also. The green tea attacks cancer cells only, leaving the healthy cells.

Other health benefits of green tea:
The green tea helps to prevent diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. The green tea saves us from kidney diseases, damages to the liver. It helps to increase bone-mineral density. The green tea helps for fat loss and the persons suffering from obesity can drink green tea. The green tea catechins protects nerves also and save us from the risk of damage to brain cells. The iron accumulation and protein called amyloid beta in brain causes Parkinson and Alzheimer's diseases. The green tea removes excess deposit of iron and helps to decrease free radical damage and reduces the formation of protein called amyloid beta. The memory, concentration and attention while performing an activity is increased.

If you have not tasted green tea, please start tasting it from today. The green tea makes us mentally sharp. The green tea keeps us alert and well-being. The green tea helps for relaxation and maintaining body balance. The pregnant women and breastfeeding women have to consult doctors, as green tea contains caffeine, tannic acid and catechin. Still research is going on to analyse the benefits and side effects of green tea.

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