Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Traditional indian dresses

It does not come as a surprise to see different Indian attires getting worldwide popularity. Few of the distinctly Indian dresses have been seen to be worn by famous celebrities and renowned personalities. Indian fashion world never had it so good. There have been instances of Indian dresses being shown in Hollywood movies. Even the fashion week being organized in India witnesses some well known designers and models flaunting Indian dresses.

Despite the modern fashion sense and rising popularity of western clothing, traditional Indian dresses have continued to retain their charm. The basic dresses worn by Indian men and women are still in place. Indian men are very fond of attires like dhoti, kurta, pyjamas and lungis. These are basic clothes of Indian men especially rural people. Depending upon the regions, colors and religions more variety can be seen across India. Indian men are also very fond of shirts and trousers that are more of western clothing pieces.

Among the most popular and seen basic Indian clothes, sari definitely holds the edge over other clothes. The best part about sari is that it is not made for a particular size. It is not even tailored. Known as one of the most graceful attires, sari gives a particular aura to the wearer. It is symbolic of factors like status, region, age, religion and occupation of a woman. Sari is accompanied by blouse or choli. It is believed that choli first came into existence around the tenth century AD and since then it has continued to evolve. Salwar-kameez is a popular attire normally associated with Indian women. Originated in Jammu and Punjab region, it is considered as a very comfortable and stylish piece of cloth. Salwar-kameez has several varieties along with appealing textures and beautiful designs. Like sari, it is used across India. Churidar is quite similar to salwar except for the fact that it is slightly tighter. Churidar is often used with kurta.

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