Thursday, January 21, 2010

Harry Potter & Deathly hallows - Review

After the book has been sleeping in the trunk for more than a year, I finally got around to finishing the last book of the Harry Potter series. I know I am too old to call myself a Harry Potter fan but what can anybody do about it even if I do so.

The author has done justice to the readers by tying up all the loose ends that were there so far and thus satisfying the thirst of all the young readers. She has given the perfect twist though Harry staying alive is very much expected. All's well that end well works with the kids everytime. The way the friendship of the three kids Harry, Ron and Hermione was well portrayed and the young people have got a lot to learn from this series - friendship, love conquers all etc. Needless to say about the imagination where magic and using wands are considered. Probably that is the reason the series is a hit even with the grown ups.

Lastly, I am too sad that all this over and behind us. I am certainly looking forward to another such series. Till then, bye.

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