Monday, January 18, 2010

Panera bread - Review

Panera Bread - Having been in US of A for 3 years now, just recently I had the chance to eat at Panera Bread. Have always thought of it as the Au bon Pain type of nook and have never really preferred it when I am too hungry. Well but I declare myself wrong as the place was great- great cafe-cum-rest and eat atmos with booths and individual tables plus the WiFi. Also the food os freshly made everyday from the meaat , buns to the cookies. Food is delicious for a fast food chain and they even have the half sandwich, half soup choice. They give a fruit or bread along with a cup of soup. They make orders a whole meal.

Lastly some bonus points, If you happen to to be there at around 9pm or around when close, they gie away free cookies and cakes that are left over as they always bake new ones every day. So have some real good healthy fun.

The word: Great-Worth going often.

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